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Montañita Surf School

surf School

Montañita Surf School, run by and for local people, born 12 years ago with the goal of teaching tourists how to surf safely and with experienced teachers.

Surf in Montañita

If you want to Surf in Montañita, you're in the right place. Hachuwa Hotel is an integral part of Montañita Surf School.

Surfing in the Paradise

Montañita has several beach breaks, perfects to learning surf. If you want perfection, we accompany you to the point and show you how to take off our super right.

surf Paradise

Local and experienced teachers

All teachers are local, with extensive experience in surfing and teaching. Will guide you through the steps to make your experience safety.

surf Teachers

All levels

Surf lessons for all levels, from beginner to advanced. We take you to the spot that best suits in your level.

surf Levels

Equipment hire

We rent all types of surfing equipment, wide range of boards, leash, wetsuits, and what you need to surf. We may also advise the best stores in town to buy equipment or clothing.

surf Rentals
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